Systemic Project & Change Management

Establishing sustainable Long term results, strenghtening company values


Systemic Project Management understands an Organisation as a living System with continuously changing parameters. A Project Team is successful if it is flexible enough to react on changing priorities, makes Team decisions and goes for the best solution towards a common goal.


The Project Leader's Job is to understand this Big Picture, to be the interface between Business and IT, to communicate changes and Impacts throughout the Organisation and keeps the Motivation high. A Systemic Project Leader establishes a Learning-Environment in the Organisation to Keep the Know-how inside and let it grow.


Four Steps to implement your Project successfully in your Organisation:


Step 1: Analysing the Status Quo of your Project, Requirements and Organisation


Step 2: Development of specific Project Methodologies for your Project needs


Step 3: Leading your IT- or Change-Project as a Project Leader


Step 4: Transforming Change into the Team and your Organisation



Why Systemic Project Management ?

Systemic Project Management focuses on People within an IT-Project. IT-Projects can be used to adress Values in your Organisation and creates a sustainable learning System with motivated People, beyond the Going Live.

To use this methodology you need an experienced, very empathic Project Leader.

Rainer Lang