People as Key Success Factor in IT-Projects

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Operational Excellence is the result of a perfect harmony between Business Processes, IT Systems and

your People.

It's not a one time certification - it's a continuous process to adopt to a fast moving Business world. 


Organisations need to adopt to new Markets, new products, changing internal structures, global processes and mentalities, M&As and much more. To keep the Operational-Excellence-Level high,


CHANGE ist Key


IT-Projects are the Vehicle



Systemic Project Management runs IT-Projects with sustainable benefit through the Integration of Company values and learning Environments.


The Big Picture is necessary to develop a vision and a strategy to motivate People to follow

- to show why they are doing it.



Let me help you defining your Big Picture, transparent Views of your processes, a Plan of Approach and successfull Implementation Projects to make OPEX happen also in your Company by:



Development of Vision & IT-Strategy

Organisation of IT-Departments

Leading Projects

Development of Project Plans

Change Management

International Roll Outs

Creating Learning Environments

Coaching of Project Managers

Team Coachings





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Rainer Lang