Business Processes, People & Technology

I understand the language of IT - being the Interface between Business and IT


Business drives IT. Depending on the way your company wants to act on a local or global market, IT needs to support in a different way, with a different architecture and different tools. I can help you to develop the suitable IT-Strategy out of your Business Strategy.

IT-Portfolio Management

Based on the results of your IT-Strategy you need to define the necessary IT-Landscape, IT-Solutions and IT-Projects. The IT-Portfolio will give you an overview of the linked IT-Activites with the priorisation your company needs in the current situation. A Rolling Forecast will give you always the Picture of the current situation, making sure that your investments are made at the right time on the right project.

IT Project Management

Every IT-Project is an Investment in the future of you company and goes along with screeping Project Scopes, People availability and other Project Risks. As an experienced Project Manager I can be a Leader in your Projects to assure your investments end up with a sustainable result for your Business.

Change Management

A lot of times an IT-Investment is done without looking at the people who will use the system later on. You can spend millions on high tech Applications - if your people do not understand and apply the new tools, it's wasted money. I can help you setting up a Change Management Plan throughout you project and beyond. 

Interims Management

If you need a Leader for a short term assignment you can count on me. With my experience as a responsible Manager of the Operational Excellence Team in the automotive industry I know how to lead people, run projects and act in an global environment.

Post Merger Integration

Global growth includes also Mergers & Acquisitions. To acquire a company is one thing, to integrate the new company in the own Infrastructure, Business Applications, standardized Processes  and necessary Master Data is a huge effort which requests a certain Management Know-how. I can help you, making your Deal also a long term Success.

IT Project Quality Assurance & Project Coaching

If you have a difficult project I can help you with a Best Practice Project Check to give you an objective Status of you project. I could help as a Coach to advise your internal people and bring your project back on track.

Business Performance Improvement

After the Implementation of an Business Application you need to be sure that your investment is also used by your people, can be used by your people and gets also the necessary attention for continuous Improvement that you people can cope with. I can help you setting up your BPI Project as an steady part in your organisation. 

Global Business Application Architecture

To run Global Applications is not an easy job. You need to standardize and harmonize your IT-Landscape and Business-Processes, keeping the quantity of systems low and the efficiency high. You need to run save and stable systems with low maintenance costs, but scalable enough to keep the pace with the ongoing Business requirements. I can help you analysing your situation, lift cost reduction possibilities and set up a mid term improvement plan. 

Rainer Lang