Project Camigolo

Action for Education

With the Information Technology our daily business and private live changed a lot. It brings us a lot of benefits in regard to efficiency, keeps Business globaly competitive and contributes to a high living standard.


Probably most of our kids will use IT in their future profession somehow, but today parents are faced with the new generation using facebook and co. and see also some risks in the unlimited access to information and use of social networks, apps and games.


Learning in the real world, communication face to face and related social skills might suffer from too much use of all kind of "black screens". Kids are less moving and physical activ than some years ago!

That's why I founded Camigolo. I want to motivate and inspire families, kids and youth to spend their spare time with active and creative things, together, having fun, talking to each other, experiencing the real world.  I want to move you!

Camigolo is a Non Profit Organisation and invests all earnings in social Projects to Train Kids and Youth on their social skills.


Social Skills are THE basic requirement No. 1 for all Job-Startes from the Employers point of view!

You as a company can already help NOW and support young people in getting ready for their later profession!


Showing Social Responsibility

Please have a look at and support me to start action in your local area. Benefit from raising your Social Image and get in touch early with the best educated youngsters in your area.


I would be happy if you participate actively.

Rainer Lang